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The Open Enrollment period for 2021 has closed.

The Open Enrollment period for 2021 has closed.  If you want to make a benefit or dependent change as a result of a qualifying event during the year, you must contact your organization’s Benefits Office within 30 days of the qualifying event and request the change.

Qualifying events allow you to make a benefit or dependent change to your health, dental or vision election outside of the Annual Benefits Open Enrollment.

Qualifying events include, but may not be limited to:

  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Marriage/Civil Union
  • Divorce
  • Employment of spouse
  • Involuntary loss of spouse coverage
  • Spouse’s employment termination
  • Child now eligible for coverage
  • Death of a spouse or dependent
  • Spouse becomes a State of Delaware employee

If you wish to make a change because of a qualifying event during the plan year, you must:

  • Contact your Human Resources/Benefits Office within 30 days of the event and request the necessary forms;
  • Submit the completed forms and provide required supporting documentation to your Human Resources/Benefits Office within 30 days of the request.

If enrolling a spouse or other dependent for the first time, you will be required to submit a birth certificate (not required for spouses), marriage certificate, social security numbers or other required documentation. Those enrolling a spouse or dependents in their State of Delaware medical plan (Highmark or Aetna) must be sure to review the State’s Spousal and Dependent Coordination of Benefits Policies and submit required spousal and/or dependent forms. This information may be accessed by via the SBO website, selecting your group and clicking the “Spousal and Dependents” tile.

Contact your Human Resources/Benefits Office to remove an ex-spouse immediately following your divorce date. Failure to remove your ex-spouse in a timely manner will result in penalties.

The Benefits Specialist for Colonial School District is Deldra Gregory-Colvin, she can be reached at:

The Benefits Secretary for Colonial School District is Darcel Porter, she can be reached at:


Snapshot of Colonial School District Benefits:

Cigna Dental Coverage, Group 3340873, Customer Service Telephone 800 345 4511
District Plan Premiums Monthly Rate (effective July 1, 2022)

Level Employee Employee/Spouse Employee/Children Family
Plan A $65.68 $103.38 $128.42 $175.94
Plan B $51.34 $80.06 $99.28 $136.06

VBA,  Group 4953, Customer Service Telephone 800 432 4966

Employee Employee/Spouse Employee/Children Family
$15.04 $28.20 $25.80 $39.14

Prudential Life/AD&D Coverage
Benefit is up to 2 times your annual salary (depending on your age, also this amount may not be increased or decreased).  The Beneficiary Form must be submitted for all new enrollees or for those currently enrolled wishing to make beneficiary changes.


Dental and Vision Cards
You do not need a card to receive services.  For your convenience, VBA will mail a card to your home shortly after enrollment.  Please remember, you do not need a card for services.  Please remember Colonial School District does not provide social security numbers to the providers. Your ID Number for vision and dental is your Employee ID Number proceeded with three zero.  For example, emplid 123456, the ID  Number will be 000-123456.  Your Employer ID Number is located on your paystub.

Deferred Compensation/TSA Administered by Voya

 Helpful Hints for Enrolling in Deferred Comp/TSA plans:
Plan Plan Number Verification Number Personal Identification Number (PIN)*  
State of Delaware 403(b) TSA Plan 664095 122437 MMYY
State of Delaware 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan 664093 122437 MMYY
*Your default PIN for enrollment is the two-digit month and year of your birth.  For example, if you were born January 1975, your default PIN is 0175.

Stipend (Flex Credit) Information

Health Care Monthly Stipend Local Benefits Monthly Stipend (Dental, Vision and Life)
Secretaries up to $160.00 up to $142.50
Full Time Employees (except Secretaries) up to $160.00 up to $142.50
Part – Time Employees (working 20 -29.99 hours) up to $80 up to $71.25
Part – Time Employees (working 0 -19.99 hours) up to $40 up to $35.63
Administrators* up to $125.00 up to $113.00