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Important Information

  • Staff Update:  12/15/22
  • Dates to Know:
    • Staff Development: 1/13/23
    • Schools and Offices closed: 1/16/23
    • Equity Event: Community, Connections, and Conversations: 1/19/23

Equity ERA: Engage-Reflect-Act

  • Engage: Check out this podcast series from Elena Aguilar, “What to Say When Someone Says Something Racist” – here is the next episode in the series – Here’s What to Say (about 22 min)
    • Each week we will share the next podcast! Tune into the series with us!
  • Reflect: How do you respond when you hear something racist? What do you wish you would do (or had done) something differently?
  • Act:
    • Check out Elena’s guide for What To Say  When You Hear  Something Racist and try a strategy.
    • Attend this FREE Webinar from Dr. Sheldon Eakins: Privilege is a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available to a particular person or group. We all have some form of privilege. Identifying our own privilege and helping our students define and understand privilege helps to develop an Antiracist mindset.

Equity Practitioner Program (EPP)
Want to dig deeper into your Equity journey? The Equity Practitioner Program (EPP) program might be good for you. Contact Crystal Lancour if you would like to join the spring EPP cohort. (  We still have 4 spots left!

Equity Summit and Speaker Series

Join us for an initimate conversation that will contribute to our strategic plan and equity work.
January 19, 2023 at 6pm at WPHS
Open to the public • Food will be served

Updates on lead water retesting efforts
As mentioned in Dr. Menzer’s email in December, the web page on our website where you can find the latest communications and updates on the lead water retesting effort is now live at

We will post updated information as often as needed to keep the entire Colonial community informed on the progress of this project.  This will help us keep your inboxes less cluttered and ensure that if and when we need to provide important building specific updates or information, they aren’t lost or overlooked.

Please check this site as often as needed to make sure that you have the latest information about what’s happening.

We are working on our response protocol for what steps will be taken to ensure continued access to safe drinking water when building results are made available to us. Once this is finalized, sometime after winter break, it will be posted along with any updated information on the testing schedule for buildings or other information being shared by the Department of Education or the Division of Public Health.