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Important Information:
Staff Update:  2/2/23
Dates to Know:

  • Staff Development: 2/17/23
  • Schools and Offices Closed: 2/20/23
  • Equity Speaker Series: 2/22/23

We change the Odds – Speaker Series
Join us for an intimate conversation that will contribute to our strategic plan and equity work.
Keynote Speaker: Bebe Coker
Topic: Redlining in the state of Delaware
Date/Time: February 22, 2023, at 6:00-7:30 pm at WPHS
Open to the public • Food will be served

Staff should register in DSC#108190 and RSVP at

Note: This event will be preceded by 2 events as part a fun-filled afternoon of learning:

  • 4:30-5:30 pm- A PD Event for Staff: Ignite & Invite to celebrate AfricanAmeric authors. Staff can register in DSC#108448
  • 5:30-6:00 pm –  “Author Book Signing” from one our own in Colonial Nation, Dr. Alisa Cook and her book, Same Roots Same Crown Different Shades of Brown. There will be copies of this book available for our young ones and they can get them signed by Dr. Cook!

Equity ERA:  Engage-Reflect-Act

  • Engage: Check out this blog post from the National Equity Project, “Quietly Making Black Futures”.
  • Reflect: What resonates with you from this article? How does it impact how you feel about how society perceives black history?
  • Act: Check out the Equity ERA doc. What resources can you engage with?

Name the New Baby Goats at Penn Farm
Colonial Nation! We have two new members to our Colonial Family at Penn Farm and We need to put the Power of WE to work! Two baby goats we born on February 3, 2023 (yes their birthday is 2323) and we want you to help name them.

The Rules:
The new baby goats (one boy and one girl) names can be in any of the following 3 categories:

  • Sweet treats (Their moms name is Sugar)
  • Things that are Black and white (Since the babies are black and white)
  • Things that come in pairs (Since there are 2 babies)


  1. Teachers, submit your classes suggestion by  February 21st at
  2. Names will be chosen during the week February 27th and put up for a vote during the week of March 6th. The names with the most votes wins!
  3. We will announce by the week of March 13th.

Staff Apparel Store
We know many of our staff have requested to purchase CSD apparel such as jackets and polos. The Store is LIVE until end of day TOMORROW February 10th at

How it works:

  • Place your order and pay at  from January 30th to February 10th.
  • Once the ordering window closes (2/10), orders will be processed within 1-2 weeks and delivered to district office.
  • Once delivered, we will distribute items to your school for delivery.

We will offer this store again this spring and, in the fall, with new products for each season. If you have suggestions for products you would like to see added, email Gabriel Phillips at , and we will take your suggestions into consideration. Please note that for now, these are CSD-branded products. School staff stores with school logos may be entertained in the future.

Nominate our next Teacher of the Year!
Do you know a classroom teacher who is dedicated, inspiring, and making a difference? WE need your help! Nominate someone to be our 2024 Teacher of the Year today!

Nominate by February 21 at

EPER payments on 2/10/23 check:
The winter EPER payment is scheduled to be made on the February 10 paycheck, please be sure your EPER contracts have been entered, accepted, and approved by Thursday, January 26th. If the contract is not completed by January 26th, it will not be paid until the next EPER payment on June 2, 2023.

W2s are now available in Employee Self Service!

For assistance accessing your W2:

For assistance reading your W2:

Both are located on the District’s Employees Pay website along with other helpful information and commonly used forms.

Thinking of Retiring?
If you are planning to retire within the next 2 years, please attend the Pre-Retirement Planning Zoom Meeting on Wednesday, February 15 at 4 pm.  Employees can register for this workshop on DSC at 107729. Be sure to have your Annual Pension Statement available for this meeting.   If you need assistance accessing this information, please contact Darcel Porter, HR Secretary at   Register for this workshop prior to Feb 12th,, the HR team will conduct preliminary research for each participant prior to the workshop.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 969 8784 4589
Passcode: 722688

Please remember that employees should provide at least 4 months’ notice.   Due to changes in Federal Guidelines, employees/spouses who are 65 or older, are strongly encouraged to provide 6 months’ notice.

MERU HEALTH – Online Mental Care
Employees who are enrolled in one of the State of Delaware healthcare plans  now have access, at no cost, to Meru Health, an online mental healthcare provider that takes a holistic approach, combining behavioral science, technology, and human support to meet your mental health needs. Meru Health is a 12-week, app-based therapy program proven to help participants learn how to effectively reduce anxiety, depression, and burnout, all through the convenience of your smartphone.

Members (employees who are enrolled in one of the State of Delaware’s healthcare plans) are able to participate in the program through a self-referral or a provider referral. Once enrolled, participants will take a self-assessment on the Meru Health app and schedule a video call with one of Meru Health’s therapists to develop a personalized treatment plan based on their unique needs and goals. The 12-week program has a different theme each week, and as participants progress from week-to-week, new activities are unlocked, such as educational videos, tools, and practices to help throughout the journey. Meru Health also supplies each member a wearable device to help with biofeedback practices, such as breathing exercises. Participants have access to their assigned therapist as well as a peer support group with individuals on the same journey throughout their 12-week program.

If you are interested, visit the Meru Health webpage, click “sign up,” and enter “State of Delaware” to get started.

Annual Pension Statement
Per the State of Delaware Pension Office, the 2022 Comprehensive Annual Statement (Pension Statement) should be accessible online on February 21, 2023 by using the Pension Self-Service Tile.   To learn how to access the Pension Statement, please review this newsletter –   As you may recall, the Pension Statement has useful information such as:

  • Pension Service Time
  • Highest three years of creditable compensation
  • Pension Calculation (for vested employees)
  • Beneficiary Information

This statement should be reviewed every year.    If you need help understanding or interpreting your Pension Statement, please attend one of the “What is this Pension Stuff?”  Zoom Workshop on March 1 at:

  • 3:00 pm – please sign up on DS C using workshop #107734
  • 3:30 pm –  please sign up on DSC using workshop  #107735
  • 4:00 pm – please sign up on DSC using workshop #107736
  • 4:30 pm – please sign up on DSC using workshop #107737

Sign up for Voya – your 403b/457b Investment Plans
Voya is another method to save for your retirement. Remember, Voya is an investment plan similar to the 401k.  Later in life, it will help to supplement social security and applicable pension payments.   Please watch this two-minute video to learn more about Voya.

Please note the HR/Benefits staff cannot enroll you in this plan.  You have three options to enroll:

  1. Online – please see enrollment flyer
  2. In-person: To schedule a meeting with a financial advisor
  3. Phone – 302-318-8840