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Payroll Forms & Instructions

  1. W4 Federal and W4 State & Instructions to Update the W4 Form
  2. W2 Request Form
  3. Direct Deposit Form & Instructions to Update Your Direct Deposit Form
  4. View Paycheck – Employee Self Service (e-Pay) external website & Reviewing Your Paycheck
  5. How to Access Employee Self Service for New & Returning Users and Forgot Password
  6. Pension information
  7. Time Sheet
  8. Less than 12 Month Employee Days Worked Calculation
  9. Pay Scales
  10. 2022 Paycheck Schedule
  11. Payroll Coding Information (Codes that may appear on Pay Advices/Pay Checks/Stubs)

Payroll Coordinators
Please contact the appropriate person below for any questions or issues on payroll or attendance or send an email to:

Jennifer Thornton
, Zoom Phone No: 302-400-7833,
Teachers (except Leach), Admins, Specialists, ROTC & Constables

Doug Smythe, Zoom Phone No: 302-400-7938,
Nutrition, Transportation, Custodial (Including Chiefs), Leach, Paras, Subs, Student workers, Secretaries, Non-Colonial EPER & any position not included in these groups