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Colonial School District’s Nutrition Services Department wants to thank you in advance for ensuring a healthy, nutritious environment for all our students. We would like to take this opportunity to review the Colonial School District’s
Wellness Policy which is a critical element of our efforts in creating a healthy school environment and request your support in promoting the wellness policy.

Colonial School District’s Nutrition Services Department abides by USDA regulations that make healthy, nutritious meals for the students of Colonial School District which consist of whole grains, proteins, fruits, vegetables, milk and healthy
snacks. With celebrations and special events occurring throughout the year, we want to make sure your school and students are adhering to specific content of the district wellness policy, the State of Delaware Food Code, and USDA regulations
particularly restricting foods of minimal nutritional value brought in from the outside that is not prepared under the supervision of the school nutrition services staff. (Examples consist of pastries including cupcakes brought from home,
candies, pizza from an unapproved source, fast food… etc)

Along with the aforementioned concerns, Colonial School District’s Nutrition Services Department accommodates to students with food allergies, diabetes and other medical conditions to the best of our abilities. Participating in school lunch
eliminates the chance of an allergic reaction and allows students with food allergies to be safe at lunch. For the sensitivity of our students we ask that outside food items are not brought in for classroom or cafeteria celebrations. This also allows the
Nutrition Services Department to monitor what ingredients are in the foods we are allowing our students to consume. We encourage and welcome parents to join their student at lunch and participate in school lunch. For adults a wide
variety of healthy menu options are offered daily, adult meals cost $3.60. Parent participation in school lunch sets a great example for healthy eating habits for students. We always encourage the best, nutritious environment to support healthy
eating. If a parent were to bring in a meal, we encourage the parent to bring in healthy food and beverage options. Fast food and food brought in from other restaurants or convenience stores are not encouraged.

Again, we want to thank you for your support on this matter and continuing to provide a nutritious atmosphere for all our students. Please contact your school cafeteria manager for a list of smart snack approved snacks and a school-meal
approved pizza order form that can be obtained and submitted through your school cafeteria.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to provide our students with a safe and healthy eating environment. In
order for nutrition services to retain its operating permit for our cafeteria kitchens, issued by the Division of Public Health, it
is our responsibility to comply with the State of Delaware Food Code. Food prepared and served to students during regular
school hours must adhere to the following conditions:

  • All food must be prepared under the supervision of school nutrition services staff.
  • All food must be prepared within or upon school premises.
  • All food must be prepared using school nutrition services equipment and utensils.
  • All food is to be served during regularly scheduled meal service periods or other agreed upon times. (This includes the
    last week of school.)
  • Schools cannot unilaterally decide to cancel a school meal and substitute food provided by another source.

These permit guidelines prohibit individuals from bringing food from home to cook and serve to students using any
cafeteria equipment or utensils. The district’s Nutrition Services Department will prepare all food if you choose to have an end
of year picnic or any other special event during the school year. Nutrition Services Managers in your school will be happy to
discuss possible menu options. With an increasing number of students with food allergies and diabetes, providing food during
celebratory occasions such as birthdays, holidays, or other reward parties is becoming more difficult. To help avoid alienation
of these students Nutrition Services has a list of non-food reward items for any celebratory occasion. Nutrition Services
provides snacks that meet the New USDA Smart Snack regulation, even pizza purchased through nutrition services is specially
prepared for our schools to be healthier. We do not intend to discourage pizza parties or picnics, but to abide by Federal
USDA regulations and uphold our district’s wellness initiatives.
USDA regulations prohibit denying students the opportunity to participate in school breakfast or lunch as a form of
disciplinary action. Nutrition services staff will be present to serve breakfast to students arriving late. Nutrition Services
provides quality healthy meals for as low a cost as possible and we rely heavily on daily student breakfast and lunch
participation to financially support our department. Please keep this in mind as you schedule special events throughout the
Nutrition services requests that end of the year special events such as SMART Kids Day, Field Days, or Picnic meals
be scheduled by the beginning of April to ensure that the May menu is planned accordingly.
Please be advised that nutrition services cannot provide pizza parties during the last two weeks of school.
The last day for pizza orders for the 2017-2018 school year is May 24, 2018.

Smart Snack Order Form 2017-2018

Pizza Party Order Form Elementary & GR & McC