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Elementary Wellness Centers

The Life Health Center is in partnership with the Colonial School District, Nemours A.I. duPont Children’s hospital, and is a state recognized provider of School Based Wellness Centers by Department of Health Social Services Division of Public Health.

The goal of providing Behavioral Health and Preventive services through LHC directly at your child’s school is to ensure that support services are in place to support a successful and productive school environment.

    Health services provided through LHC at various times throughout your student’s school week include but are not limited to:

    • Behavioral Health and prevention services
    • Individual and group counseling services
    • Assist and develop prevention strategies
    • Referral for assessments / evaluations as appropriate
    • Pediatric Services
    • Nurse practitioner to support the school nurse
    • To stabilize and assess acute cases
    • Connect to a Primary Provider
    • Social Services
    • Health insurance enrollment assistance
    • Make referral for emergency services
    • Overall social benefits

    For more information visit:

    To access school based health services during school closure.

    Please visit

    To sign up your child in the LHC:

    You or your child’s school staff may refer your student for services at any time. If you consent to these support services for your child, you simply need to complete the necessary forms and return them to the main office at your child’s school. Services through LHC are provided at no out of pocket expense to you as services are covered through accepted insurance plans.

    New Castle Elementary
    903 Delaware Ave., New Castle, De 19720
    Phone (302) 323-2880 ex: 2198
    Fax (302) 323-2897
    Shakina McClain-Woodruff, MBA
    School Based Wellness Center Site Administrator

    Wilmington Manor Elementary
    200 East Roosevelt Ave New Castle, De 19720
    Phone (302) 323-2901 ex: 1006
    Fax (302) 323-2908
    Sarina Mack, M.ed
    School Based Wellness Center Site Administrator / Mental Health Clinician

    Carrie Downie Elementary
    1201 Delaware St., New Castle, De 19720
    Phone (302) 323-2926 ex: 1080
    Fax (302) 323-2929
    John Byrd
    School Based Wellness Center Site Administrator

    Pleasantville Elementary
    16 Pleasant Place, New Castle, De 19720
    Phone (302) 323-2935
    Fax (302) 323-2943
    Forrest Watson IV
    Assistant to the Director of the School Based Wellness Centers

    Eisenberg Elementary
    27 Landers Lane New Castle, De 19720