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Dates to Know

  • 3/24: Staff Development day and end of 3rd MP
  • 3/30-31: Conferences for students
Join in our District Wide Equity Expression Through Foods in our Cafes!
Every last Tuesday of the month, Colonial Nutrition Services highlights the heritage of global cuisines by offering our students new and diverse foods to explore. Tuesday, March 28th we’re presenting our students a taste of Vegetable Doro Wat. This is the national dish of the African Country, Ethiopia. “Doro Wat” means Chicken Stew – but we are preparing it with a vegetarian twist, while still showcasing the robust Ethiopian flavor profile. Meals from this country have a flavor profile that is heavy in cinnamon, cloves, and spice. Explore diverse foods and open up conversations beyond the monthly recognition of a particular people with your students!
WE Promote!…Featured Teacher, Who WE Are, WE Are Family
Help us let our Community know just how special WE are by submitting names of students and staff for our various social media campaigns:
  • Featured Teacher- An educator who does extra special or out of the ordinary things in his or her classroom for instructional purposes. This teacher may also have received a special award/recogntion, does volunteer work or community service. Let’s celebrate our unsung heroes!
  • Who WE Are-students and employees who go above and beyond, are involved in or recognized by the community and/or organizations outside of school. This does NOT include students who make good grades or show good behavior (they are typically recognized by their schools). Let’s showcase students and employees who take on additional responsibilities or projects both at school and in the community.
  • WE are Family- Employees/couples who are related and work in CSD because they love Colonial Nation!

Please send your submissions to Public Information Officer Lauren Wilson at . She will make contact with all students and staff who would be good fit for our campaigns.

Updated information on Lead water signage

Over the next week or two, the signage for water fixtures that showed elevated results for lead will be refreshed. 
  • Any water fountain with an elevated result or that is not operable, will have a laminated OUT OF ORDER sign on/near it. The water fountain should be turned off or made inaccessible in some way.
  • Any sink that had an elevated result or was not tested because it was not considered a consumption point, will have the ‘DO NOT DRINK WATER FROM THIS SINK’ sign. This is a change from our original sign strategy. Since many sinks must remain operational for handwashing, we want to be sure that we are clearly labeling all sinks that were not positively cleared for consumption with a safe lead level.

Additionally, our website has been updated to better reflect educational resources targeted at families vs. information on the facilities.

Graduate Salary Increment (Plus Credits Application)
The deadline for this school year to submit any application for graduate salary increments must be submitted to Jeanne Campbell by Tuesday, May 30, 2023. All applications must be submitted on DEEDS and all official transcripts must be sent to Jeanne Campbell before this date. Any applications received after this date will be for next school year 2023-2024. Any questions, please contact Jeanne Campbell – 302-232-2712.

WE Learn!

The University of Delaware is offering PAID professional development opportunities June 20-23, 2023 from 9am-4pm. They are seeking Delaware content area teachers, technology teachers, and library media specialist in grades K-8 who are interested in:
  • Enhancing content area instruction and motivating students by integrating computer science principles, and
  • Increasing opportunities for underrepresented groups – such as females and racially minoritized students – to connect computer science to their lives.

Click here to learn more about this AMAZING opportunity!

Buy One Get One FREE!
I don’t know about you…but I LOVE a good sale 🙂!

Delaware State University (DSU) is offering a Summer School Educator Incentive Program available for State of Delaware k-12 teachers and administrators.
This program allows Delaware teachers and administrators to pay for one summer course and receive the second course for FREE. To learn more about this amazing opportunity, click here.


2024 Colonial Behavioral Health Professional of the Year

We are excited to share that Courtney Waters has been selected as Colonial’s 2024 Behavioral Health Professional of the Year. Courtney is a Family Support Therapist and has been working in Colonial for 10 years serving families at New Castle Elementary. Please join us in congratulating Courtney and cheering her on as she represents Colonial Nation in June at the state level.

We would also like to recognize all individuals who were nominated for this award. Their dedication to the students, staff, and families of their school exemplify the Power of WE.

Alberto Rodriguez- Southern
John Arent- Gunning Bedford
Nicole Belasco- Pleasantville
Allison Gibbons- Castle Hills
Jordan Ismail- Wilbur
Paige Patterson- Eisenberg
Amanda McConnell- New Castle
Kayla Woods- Pleasantville
Rachel Grande- Wilbur
Andrew Capone- William Penn
Keri Young- George Read
Rachel Handy Hayes- William Penn
Ariana Salter- Carrie Downie
Kiersten Priest- Gunning Bedford
Sarah Hoffman- New Castle
Beth Grimm- Southern
Kristen Barrow- Southern
Saul Montanez- Wilmington Manor
Brandy Bryant- William Penn
Laura DiFrancesco- Gunning Bedford
Shelby McLearie- Carrie Downie
Candance Meriggi- Wilbur
Lindy Sagett- Castle Hills
Tanya Carter- Wilbur
Courtney Waters- New Castle
Meghan Feby- Wilmington Manor
Terri Dunham- Castle Hills
Donna Robinson- Pleasantville
Melissa Downey- Southern
Tiffany Anderson- Carrie Downie
Elisabeth (Lizzy) Burtch- Wilbur
Michelle Rosseel- Eisenberg
Tonya Bailey-Smiley- McCullough
Gloria Sefa- George Read
Mildred Ortega- William Penn
Tracey Tilghman- William Penn
Jay Green- McCullough
Nathan Waters- Wilbur
Victoria Bunting- Southern

WEexceed Afterschool Spotlight!

Southern Elementary in collaboration with the Police Athletic League of Delaware (PAL) offers students at Southern Elementary access to a year round program that promotes whole-child development; academic, extracurricular, and social-emotional supports.

Event Information

CSD Steam Showcase
It’s Back! Come join us for a night of family fun at the The Colonial School District STEAM Showcase

Tuesday, April 4, 2023
6:00 – 8:00 pm at William Penn High School

An exciting event for all ages!  Some fun things you to see & do include:
• The “Wonders of Science” demonstration
• Hands on activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math!
• Activities for the little hands such as using microscopes, planting seeds & much more!





Register for Colonial Preschool!

CEA Scholarship Dinner – April 28th at 5pm

CIS 5K –  April 30, 2023

Back to Basics Learning Dynamics – Tutoring Program