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Important Information:
Staff Update:
Dates to Know:

  • 3/14- Board Meeting at William Penn- 7:00PM
  • 3/24- Staff Development day and end of 3rd MP
  • 3/30-31- Conferences for students

Equity ERA:  Engage-Reflect-Act

  • Engage: Check out this podcast from the Leading Equity Center called, 8 Equity Strategies You Can Use Today.
  • Reflect: What strategies will you try?
  • Act: Try a strategy from the podcast and reflect on it.

WE Recruit!
There are several pathways to enter the teaching profession.  The University of Delaware Alternative Routes to Certification (UD ARTC)  program is for individuals with bachelor’s degrees who are interested in entering the teaching profession, but are not yet certified teachers. UD ARTC allows you to earn teacher certification in Delaware while teaching full-time as a teacher of record on an emergency certificate. You will complete a state-approved set of professional graduate-level education courses and assessments while teaching in your own classroom and receiving coaching from UD ARTC staff.

If you or someone you know is interested, please click here.

Educate ME’s Black Teacher Residency, a two year alternative teacher training program founded on the principles of centering the student experience and understanding your power as an educator. Based on the core values of Community, Empowerment, Advocacy, Empathy and Excellence, the goal of the residency is to increase the number of Black educators in the classroom from 9% to 20% nationally and to increase the number of BIPOC educators overall.  Learn more and APPLY TODAY!

MERU HEALTH – Online Mental Care
Employees who are enrolled in one of the State of Delaware healthcare plans  now have access, at no cost, to Meru Health, an online mental healthcare provider that takes a holistic approach, combining behavioral science, technology, and human support to meet your mental health needs. Meru Health is a 12-week, app-based therapy program proven to help participants learn how to effectively reduce anxiety, depression, and burnout, all through the convenience of your smartphone.

Members (employees who are enrolled in one of the State of Delaware’s healthcare plans) are able to participate in the program through a self-referral or a provider referral. Once enrolled, participants will take a self-assessment on the Meru Health app and schedule a video call with one of Meru Health’s therapists to develop a personalized treatment plan based on their unique needs and goals. The 12-week program has a different theme each week, and as participants progress from week-to-week, new activities are unlocked, such as educational videos, tools, and practices to help throughout the journey. Meru Health also supplies each member a wearable device to help with biofeedback practices, such as breathing exercises. Participants have access to their assigned therapist as well as a peer support group with individuals on the same journey throughout their 12-week program.

If you are interested, visit the Meru Health webpage, click “sign up,” and enter “State of Delaware” to get started.

2022 Pension Statements Are Available
The 2022 Comprehensive  (Pension) Annual Statement is available to view through for all employees.

The statement is provided to all active employees covered by a plan administered by the Delaware Public Employees’ Retirement System. The information on the statement is cumulative through December 31, 2022. Prior year statements beginning in 2018 will continue to be accessible. The Comprehensive Annual Statement includes six (6) separate blocks of information. Each box can be explained by reviewing the newsletter.

Navigation Instructions:

  • Log into
  • Click on Annual Statement
  • Click on Comprehensive Statement
  • Click View

After viewing and/or printing, close the PDF window and sign out of the Annual Statement area.  Failure to sign out properly, will send the system in protective mode which will hinder your ability to log back in later.

As a defined benefit pension plan, your pension is based on your compensation and service history and is not directly impacted by individual investment returns. The System remains strong, and your pension benefits are secure – despite market challenges this past year.

Thinking of Retiring?
If you are planning to retire within the next 2 years, please attend the Pre-Retirement Planning Zoom Meeting on Wednesday, March 29, 2023 at 4 pm.  Employees can register for this workshop on DSC at 107730. Be sure to have your Annual Pension Statement available for this meeting.   If you need assistance accessing this information, please contact Darcel Porter, HR Secretary at   Register for this workshop prior to March 27, 2023, the HR team will conduct preliminary research for each participant prior to the workshop.

Deldra Gregory-Colvin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Pre-Retirement Meeting
Time: Wednesday, March 29, 2023  – 4PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 918 8767 1082
Passcode: 775090

Please remember that employees should provide at least 4 months’ notice.   Due to changes in Federal Guidelines, employees/spouses who are 65 or older, are strongly encouraged to provide 6 months’ notice.

Extended Learning:
Back to Basics Tutoring – FREE for Colonial Students Grades 3-12.

Afterschool Programs Spotlight
McCullough Middle School WINNERS & the Delaware Afterschool Network celebrated after school programming on February 14th!