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Important Information

Staff Update:  Staff Update 11/17/22
Dates to Know:
Winter Break/Schools and Offices closed: 12/22/22-1/2/23

HR Employee Verification For Teachers and Paras:
As a way to ensure accurate salaries, we have introduced a new avenue to allow for employees to verify their step and education levels.  This will also help you to know where you are at on the salary scale.

Please log into the HR-Employees verification link and follow the instructions below.

The personnel verification form is accessible through the DSC website  The verification period will be open from November 17 thru December 21.

  • Log into your account through DSC using the same username and password you currently utilize to log on to your computer
  • Select the “HR-EMPLOYEE VERIFICATION” link
  • Review your information for accuracy
  • Verify the information and click “Verify”

If there are inaccuracies:

  • Use the comments section located next to each item to make the change. A drop-down list is provided for education level, work location, and classification. You must forward documents (Verification Of Experience forms, Transcripts, etc)  to support any changes you make to the Office of Human Resources via  If your last name has changed, please contact Dominique Amos in HR ( to complete the name change process.
  • Human Resources will not be able to address discrepancies not received by the process outlined above.
  • The Office of Human Resources will respond to your concern(s) within 60 working days after January 3rd. This includes any request for previously submitted information.  No phone calls, please.  All concerns must be expressed in via email to:

Mailing Address Verification
The State of Delaware will prepare and issue W-2s for tax year 2022 in January 2023.  In anticipation of the annual tax form distribution, it is important to verify your mailing address.  Employees should take a moment to log into Employee Self Service through the portal, and verify your mailing address or email Shelley Vincent at  of any corrections to their address information.  Addresses MUST be reviewed and/or updated no later than Friday, December 16, 2022.

Equity ERA: Engage-Reflect-Act

  • Engage: Check out this podcast series from Elena Aguilar, “What to Say When Someone Says Something Racist” – here is the next episode in the series – The Power of Purpose (about 16 min)
    • Each week we will share the next podcast! Tune into the series with us!
  • Reflect: How do you respond when you hear something racist? What do you wish you would do (or had done) something differently?
  • Act: Check out Elena’s guide for What To Say  When You Hear  Something Racist and try a strategy.
  • Are you interested in piloting a math-focused social justice lesson? Contact Crystal – we have lessons for elementary, middle,and high school. 

Equity Practitioner Program (EPP)
Want to dig deeper into your Equity journey? The Equity Practitioner Program (EPP) program might be good for you. Contact Crystal Lancour if you would like to join the spring EPP cohort. (

Kudos to educators at Wilbur, Eisenberg, and Pleasantville
Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Holodick commended  Wilbur, Pleasantville, and Eisenberg Elementary Schools for their students’ growth and progress toward English language proficiency.

The National Association of ESEA State Program Administrators (NAESPA), formerly the National Title I Association, has been selecting examples of superior, federally funded school programs for national recognition through the National ESEA Distinguished Schools program (formerly the National Title I Distinguished Schools program) since 1996.

Our three schools each will receive an $8,000 award, a certificate and a banner to hang in their building thanks to the wonderful educators who know WE teach because WE care!

WE Recruit!
“Countless studies show that teachers of color matter for all students, and especially for students of color.  Yet, the proportion of teachers of color in the workforce continues to lag far behind the share of students of color in schools across the nation.  Today, 51% of students in U.S. public schools are students of color but just 20 percent of teachers are teachers of color.” (Dixon, Griffin, Teoh (2019)

Since the 2016-2017 school year, Colonial has made gains in the hiring of educators of color (EOC).  For example, of the total number of new educators hired in the district for the 22-23 school year (24%) identify as an EOC.

SY 16-17 17-18 18-19 19-20 20-21 21-22 22-23
15% 13% 20% 21% 25% 32% 24%

“A new study reaffirms teachers of color are linked to positive academic, social-emotional, and behavioral student outcomes…” (Wills, 2022).

On November 12th, Colonial along with other districts in the state participated in an educator recruitment event at Delaware State University.  From the looks of it, there are quite a few Hornets who were interested in Colonial Nation!!!

#DEPublicSchoolsProvide… incredible employment opportunities, educational programs, and roles for volunteers! Come find out more about our amazing Delaware Public Schools and Get ConnectED! Join us on Sat, 12/10 @ #DEConnectED