Work-Based Learning in the Colonial School District

What is Work-Based Learning?

Work-Based Learning (WBL) is a progressive instructional approach to strengthen college and career readiness for students, connecting schools, businesses and community partners within Delaware and the mid-Atlantic region. WBL experiences are structured K12 opportunities for students to learn about work (awareness), learn through work (exploration), and learn for work (immersion). As part of the Pathways to Prosperity initiative, WBL integrates classroom learning with interactions from local industry and business partners to help students make direct connections between their degree program studies and future careers. WBL activities develop and strengthen both technical skills and employability skills in preparation for post-secondary education and employment as a young adult.

What is Workforce Readiness Curriculum?

WBL curriculum is a sequence of standards & activities that starts with career awareness and exploration activities, then progresses into a more in-depth immersion experience that includes hands-on learning in a work place environment. Activities begin in early elementary years, through middle school and progress through high school graduation. WBL curriculum provides students access to both specific technical skills and career employability skills. WBL standards are designed to prepare Colonial School District students for a WBL immersion experience during their Junior and/or Senior year of high school. Through a meaningful work experience aligned to the student’s degree program of study, students deepen interpersonal and professional skills necessary to successfully pursue postsecondary education, training, and career goals.

How Do I Enroll?

William Penn High School has created an immersion-experience 1-credit course for eligible students. This immersion arrangement allows 11th and 12th graders to work in industry while completing their high school graduation requirements. Enrolled students are expected to participate in work experiences that are related to their degree program and complete course requirement connected to employability curriculum standards. The school will also seek potential employers that will make the necessary accommodations to meet student’s IEP or 504 plans.

To learn more about this course, contact our WBL Coordinator:

Anna Morgan (;
Office S2 @ William Penn High School

WBL Awareness

Learning ABOUT Work
Career awareness activities help students learn about the wide variety of jobs and careers, the education and training required for those careers, and typical pathways for employment and advancement.
This is accomplished through online career exploration, guest speakers, career fairs and workplace tours.

WBL Exploration

Learning THROUGH Work
Career exploration experiences help students learn about the specific skills needed for select careers by observing and interacting with employers in the workplace. As a next step after career awareness, students increase their focus on specific careers of interest and aptitude.
Activities include informational interviews, job shadowing, mock interviews and industry projects.

WBL Immersion

Learning FOR Work
Career immersion experiences integrate career and academic skills acquired in the classroom with skills and knowledge acquired in the workplace. The emphasis is on building employability and work readiness skills to specific careers. These experiences connect our students to current industry and business leaders. It also helps students make improved decisions about their future education and training opportunities.