In Colonial, WE believe in changing the odds for students. WE truly believe we have made a huge impact on the students and families of Colonial.  Therefore, we felt it was time to rethink how we can best use the staff and facilities at the High School level to provide more equitable experiences for the school community.

Since the Fall of 2019, we have been working on a redesign of the Wallin School to better meet the needs of all of the high school students in our district. While Wallin students receive a diploma from William Penn, they have lacked connection with  William Penn. Operating Wallin as an independent program limits some opportunities for our students who attend both Wallin and William Penn.

Beginning Fall 2022, We will blend the strengths and opportunities of each school as we evolve into one high school campus. Wallin will become the N3 Center at William Penn High School. This change will create a truly open, cohesive campus at William Penn for all Colonial high school students.

The change to N3 will create an environment that will support students who have not been successful in a traditional school environment due to the size.  N3 will offer services to address the unique needs of this population.  In addition, N3 will house Drivers Education and ROTC for all William Penn students.

We truly believe this new campus will Change the Odds for all of our high school students in the years ahead. This collaborative, supportive environment will meet the needs of each student and their goal of graduating strong from William Penn.

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