Our Curriculum


The trend in web site creation is now designing and producing sites in WordPress®. Some of the biggest companies have created their sites in this program: Disney, Facebook, Star Wars, BBC America and more. For the past 6 years I’ve taught students how to develop a site structure and plan before designing and producing their site. My goal is to give them
an opportunity to become entrepreneurs with the skills they have learned at William Penn. The students’ sites will be a showplace for their portfolio. They can learn writing code in post-secondary education if they desire to continue in web media.


Studying how social media is used in the professional world helps student understand its value in marketing themselves to a potential audience. The students will create professional social media pages to not only share their creative work, but also written content relating to their area of interest in writing, photography, illustration, videos, etc. Utilizing hashtags used in the professional world allows students to make connections with potential clients, employers and colleges.


Currently there is a big demand for individuals who can “tell a story” in a 15-second commercial. These commercials are used in marketing businesses on their website,  social media and YouTube®. The students can produce the videos to promote themselves, external clients, William Penn and the school district. They can collaborate with the school administration and the district’s marketing office for experience in client interaction.


There are many students who have an interest in digital music production. Beginning with Apple’s Garageband, we study the use of multiple soundtracks to create original music. We can then advance into the more complicated application of Adobe Audition to prepare them for a professional position.
The voiceover industry is a very big business; radio broadcasting, cartoons, video games, audio books, e-learning, telephone, interactive voice response, and more. Students will study voice, diction, pitch, timbre, tone and more to prepare them for creating voiceovers for their portfolio.