Parent Involvement Policy

The Colonial School District will implement programs, activities, and procedures in its Title I schools in compliance of Sections 1111, 1112, 1116, and 1118 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). These guidelines were developed jointly with parents of participating Title I children and are reviewed annually.

The Colonial School District will carry out regular, two–way and meaningful communications to include parents in its educational, school improvement processes. It will include student and parent needs when developing programs. Many school and district events will be scheduled throughout the school year to increase parent involvement, to support student academic achievement and to annually amend Title I documents with parent-friendly wording.


  • The Colonial School District will collaborate with the Colonial Parent Advisory Council (PAC) at least three times per year in the annual review of the contents and effectiveness of these parental involvement guidelines. Parents will review the written strategies and activities of the consolidated plan to raise academic performance. This group will also suggest topics to share with the general public at district and school events.
  • The Colonial School District will involve parents as members of School Achievement Team (SAT) and District Academic Achievement Council (DAAC) meetings to jointly develop and evaluate school, district, and state achievement documents. Parents can contribute ideas for the spending of the 1% parent involvement funds from Title I, Part A of the consolidated grant.
  • The Colonial School District will provide guidance and technical assistance to schools, financial support and coordination of instructional services, professional development, extra activities to support student achievement, increased family participation and updated parent involvement policies and school compacts. The district will work with schools to schedule events like:
  • Open House
  • Parent Conferences
  • Colonial PAC Meetings
  • District Academic Achievement Council
  • District Art Show
  • District Science Show
  • Semi-annual band and chorus concerts
  • Teacher inservice days
  • Colonial Family and Community Resource Fair
  • Other reasonable activities under Section 1118 of ESEA.
  • The Colonial School District will educate teachers, administrators and other district personnel how to welcome parents as visitors, work with parents as equal partners, and build positive 2-way communications, when needed.
  • The Colonial School District will publish these guidelines and other required Title I information in the schools’ Parent Handbook and on the district website.
  • The Colonial School District will invite parents of incoming kindergarteners to a Preschool Parent Meeting to register their children for school and provide readiness activities to work at home with their 4-year olds.
  • The Colonial School District will support partnerships with community groups to create strong parental involvement programs to improve student academic achievement, offer before and after school care programs, provide material and training for parents to work with their children at home.
  • The Colonial School District will partner with community and faith-based organization to the extent practicable and reasonable to do so, to notify eligible families and support them in making decisions about Choice and SES tutoring options, if and when they are available to schools required to offer these measures.
  • The Colonial School District will utilize Parent Information Center (PIC) of DE services, and other community agencies funded through Title I, Part A funds, to offer workshops and act as parent advocates, when needed.
  • The Colonial School District will maintain ongoing communications with families to help them understand topics, like State Standards, assessments, progress monitoring, and reading services provided in Schoolwide Title I programs.


These district-wide Guidelines for Parent Involvement were jointly developed and agreed on with parents of children participating in Title I, Part A programs, as evidenced by the Colonial PAC on Feb. 7 and Apr. 18, 2013. These guidelines will be posted on the Colonial website and distributed to Title I schools to distribute in flyer, handbooks, or electronically in 2013-2014 school year.