Technology Recommendations

Many parents are looking to purchase laptops, tablets, and other technology to help with their student’s education.  To assist our parents, the Colonial School District has compiled some recommendations for the various devices on the market.  

These suggestions are intended to help parents looking for advice, and in no way represent requirements for student devices.

Reduced Internet from Comcast for $9.95

Many students and their families would like to have Internet service at home so they can do homework, search for jobs, download music, communicate with others and much more. The Internet can be an important part of your child’s education.

That’s why we want to make sure you know about a new program provided by Comcast called Internet Essentials.

If you have at least one student enrolled in the Colonial School District, your family may qualify for fast, affordable home Internet service for the school year. Internet Essentials costs just $9.95 per month (plus tax). For participating families, there are no price increases, no activation fees or equipment rental fees.

In addition, you can buy a low-cost computer for just $149.99 (plus tax) and receive free Internet training — online, in print and in person.

If you think this might be right for your family, it’s easy to get started. Visit to learn more and see if you qualify, or call 1-855-8-INTERNET (1-855-846-8376) to enroll and get connected.

If you have questions that you would like answered by Colonial School District, please contact Tom Gavin at


Laptops offer the most options when working, allowing students to complete nearly any task or assignment.  Their portablilty permits use on-the-go, while their full keyboards allow for long sessions of writing.  Plus, in recent years, a decent laptop can be purchased for $500 or less.

Technical Specifications
 : Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Pentium
Memory : 3GB minimum, 4GB or more recommended
Hard Drive : 64GB or more
Screen Size : 11 inches or more (depending on preference)
Battery Life : 3 hours minimum, 4 hours or more preferred

Google Chromebooks

The $249 dollar laptop from Google. An ultraportable, sleek laptop for everyday adventures. It weighs 2.4 pounds and has over 6.5 hours of battery life, so you can bring it anywhere and use it everywhere.

Technical Specifications – Click Here


The new breed of devices known as tablets have been truly revolutionary to the world of computing.  Now, students can have a lightweight device capable of accessing the Internet and light word processing, with battery life that lasts all day.  Mobile applications, the corner stone of these tablets, allow students to perform a multitude of specialized tasks.  While not as robust as a full laptop or computer, tablets can be a welcome entry device or supplement to a main computing device.

iPads : Models available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB hard drive sizes. Options are also available for 3G cellular data (similar to Smartphones), for additional monthly costs.
Microsoft Tablets : known as Surface, these new devices offer 32GB and 64GB hard drive sizes.


Like tablets, SmartPhones allow for students to access the Internet and specialized applications.  Due to their smaller screen sizes, extended use for writing and research may not be optimal.  However, many applications exist that allow for classroom enhancement.

iPhones : Models available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB hard drive sizes.
Android Phones : These phones come under a multitude of names, depending on the cellular carrier.  However, any Android phone will have access to their mobile applications.



These retailers periodically offer sales and specials throughout the year on their laptops, tablets, and other devices.  Please note, that the Colonial School District does not endorse any of these stores in particular.  As with the recommendations for the various devices, this information is only intended to assist parents.

Dell  Online – Discount Available
Apple Store : Retail store and online – Discount Available
Best Buy : Retail store and online
Staples : Retail store and online : Online
Newegg : Online