Donors Choose Policy

If you receive donated technology of any type, you will need to agree to turn ownership of the device over to the District.  At that time, the device will be inventoried, assigned to you, and configured to work with our systems (where possible).  If you are moved to a new location, the devices can be moved with you.  However, if you leave the District, the equipment will need to remain here.  If you prefer not to turn ownership of the device over to the District, the Technology Department will be unable to provide support.  You may be able to use the BYOD network, if the device is compatible.

If the donated item is a tablet or Chromebook, we will join the device to our management systems to assist with support.  Likewise, if the device is a Apple laptop or PC laptop, the device will receive a standard District image and be joined to our management systems.

The Technology Department is also recommending that certain types of devices be specified when requesting donations.  We are recommending Chromebooks, Android tablets, Apple tablets, PC laptops, or Apple laptops.  If you receive devices other than these, such as Kindles or Nooks, we will make every effort to incorporate them into our systems; however, it may not be possible to integrate every consumer device into our enterprise systems.

If you have any questions, please let me know.  Thank you.

Phil Smallwood
Supervisor of Technology
Colonial School District