School Counseling Staff

WP School Counselors’ Mission Statement:

Our mission as School Counselors at William Penn High School is to provide a comprehensive guidance program that will assist all students in acquiring the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to become effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers and lifelong learners.  In conjunction with students, staff, family and our community, and aligned with Colonial School District and the State of Delaware Department of Education we will provide the tools necessary for each student to become college and career ready by the time they graduate.

Business College

Mrs. Tonya Bailey-Smiley, N-1 Staff Center
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9th – 12th graders (L-Z) Business College students 
Phone:  302-323-2813 X-1415
Extra Responsibilities:  McKinney Vento Liaison (Last names L-Z),  Financial Aid Month, College & Career Night, AP Testing Co Coordinator & On the Spot Admissions.


Mr. Andrew Capone, N-2 Staff Center
9th – 12th graders(A-K) Business College

Phone: 302-323-2825, X-1414
Extra Responsibilities:  HOBY, Governor’s School, Upward Bound, Boys/Girls’ State, Dual Enrollment Coordinator (Wilmington University), ACT, & College Application Month, School Counseling Co-Chairperson.

Humanities College

Ms. Keri Young, E-2 Staff Center
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9th – 12th (A-K) Humanities College students
Phone: 302-323-2810, X-3414
Extra Responsibilities:  McKinney Vento Liaison (Last names A-K), PSAT, Lead Counselor – DDOE, Explore Engineering, School Wide Scheduling Initiative and Counseling Plan.

Mrs. Cheryl McPhee, E1 Staff Center
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9th, – 12th (L-Z) Humanities College students 

Phone: 302-323-2810, X-3232
Extra Responsibilities:  College Application Month, PSAT, On the Spot Admissions, Counseling Plan, College/Career Night, Financial Aid Month, School Counseling Co-Chairperson.

Stem College

Mrs. Loveita Moffett, E-1 Staff Center
9th-12th graders(A-F) STEM college students
Phone: 302-323-2809, X-3401
Extra Responsibilities:  School Day SAT Coordinator, SAT & SSD Coordinator, NCAA Student Athlete Liaison, Lions Club Liaison, School Counseling Website, School Wide Scheduling Initiative, Parchment Electronic Data Exchange & College Admissions Sessions Coordinator.


Ms. Rachel Handy, W-1 Staff Center
9th-12th graders(G-O) STEM college students
Phone: 302-323-2804, X-4403
Extra Responsibilities: College Acceptance Celebrations, Foreign Exchange Student Coordinator, Junior College Readiness presentations.

Mrs. Gloria Huynh-ba, W-1 Staff Center
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9th-12th graders(L-Z) STEM College students
Phone: 302-323-2804, X-4404
Extra Responsibilities: 8th Grade Shadowing Coordinator, Scholarships, Upward Bound, AP Testing Co Coordinator, & Aspira.

Additional Support Services

Mr. L. Clayton Washington
Career Readiness Work Based Learning
Phone:  302-323-2807
Fax: 302-323-2787
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Ms. Tracey Tilghman
School Psychologist
Phone: 302-323-2800, X-5416
Located in S2

Kelly Soliman, LCSW
Therapeutic Support Counselor
Located in S2
Phone:  302-323-2800

WP Wellness Center
Phone: 302-324-5740
Christiana Care Notice of Privacy Practices, Cover Letter, WP Consent Packet
Located between gym 2 and cafe 2