Welcome back students and families!

A popular question buzzing around the school counseling office this time of year is invariably, “How can I have my schedule changed?”.

Your school counselors will be located in the auditorium the first week of school assisting students with changes due to missing class periods or errors.  Please see your school counselor during the period in which you have the concern.

We feel confident that since we included the opinions of teachers, students and family members in this process last year that the majority of our students have schedules tailored to meet their academic and college/career bound goals.  We thank the families who assisted in the process by confirming their course requests in May of last year.

Because so much time and effort was placed in creating an individual schedule for each of our students, we are continuing with our schedule changing policy that was mailed home with the course requests in May of last year.  Please see the document below for more details.

The WP School Counseling Department looks forward to a great 2018 school year!  Welcome Back, we can’t wait to see you!

Schedule Change Policy FY 18