Rethinking High School

What does it mean?

Read and see how academic programs connect to one another and improve student success.

The new William Penn 2012 initiative is designed to promote a foundation for academic growth, second to none, in the State of Delaware. The William Penn 2012 initiative is changing the traditional view of high schools to now meet the dynamic standards and expectations of our community and businesses. William Penn is prepared to do this with dramatic, innovative and proven ideas that will prepare our students for the ever changing demands of the 21st Century.  By the time your child graduates from William Penn High School, they will have the competitive edge over other Delaware high school students to enroll in post secondary institutions, obtain scholarships, and have licensed certificates to apply for a variety of jobs and careers throughout Delaware and the nation. WPHS is dedicated to providing the best opportunities for our children. They will, in turn, lead our nation and improve our future.

For more information about our programs, see our  New Program Brochure.