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The study of Agriculture at William Penn High School focuses on three fundamental areas:

Plant Science
Plant science applies the principles of agriculture, biology, and chemistry of plant life. Connecting to our environmental science program, students combine economics, policy, and ecology in order to study ecosystems and natural resources.

Animal Science
Our animal science program emphasizes animal nutrition, animal care and how animals interact with our food systems. Through a partnership with Delaware Greenways on Historic Penn Farm, students will practice this knowledge on a living farm, adjacent to school property. Agriculture student work directly with culinary and science students in our “farm to school to table” program.

Environmental Science
Our environmental science program focuses on the interrelationships between humans and the natural world.


Recommended Program of Study

Grade 9

  1. English I
  2. Integrated Math I
  3. Integrated Science I
  4. Geography/Civics
  5. Physical Education/Health
  6. Introduction to Agriscience
  7. World Language
  8. Elective

Grade 10

  1. English II
  2. Integrated Math II
  3. Biology
  4. Economics
  5. Physical Ed/Drivers Ed/ 10th Seminar
  6. AG course (Plant, Animal or Env. Sci)
  7. Elective
  8. World Language

Grade 11

  1. English III
  2. Integrated Math III
  3. Chemistry
  4. US History
  5. AG course (Plant, Animal, or Env Sci)
  6. Penn Farm
  7. World Language
  8. Elective

Grade 12

  1. English IV
  2. Mathematics course
  3. AG course (Plant, Animal, or Env Sci)
  4. Penn Farm
  5. Science course
  6. Elective
  7. Elective
  8. Elective

Additional courses or electives that relate to this major:

  • Business Corporate Management II and III
  • Business Essentials, Marketing
  • Architectural Design courses
  • Culinary Arts courses