Summer Reading List


Summer shouldn’t mean taking a break from learning, especially reading. Studies show that most students experience a loss of reading skills over the summer months, but children who continue to read actually gain skills. Efforts should be made during the summer to help children sustain reading skills, practice reading and read for enjoyment. Taking the time to read with your child can help you evaluate your child’s reading skills. As your child enters & continues through high school, it’s extremely important that they start to branch out and read a variety of different “types” of materials, preparing them for college entrance exams and certifications. To help them with this endeavor, we are providing summer reading lists for all grade levels. In some places, we’ve connected the reading to your child’s college and degree program.

William Penn High School teachers consider summer reading very important in developing life-long reading habits, in maintaining literacy skills, and in promoting reading for pleasure. Studies have repeatedly shown that children who continue to read during the summer months perform better when school resumes in the fall. Research has also shown that when parents are actively involved in learning at home, their children become more successful in and out of school.

Parents, thank you for supporting this cause. We encourage you to connect your summer plans to your child’s reading selection as much as possible. Click on the links below to see our summer reading list as it pertains to your child.