Upper School

As students enter the Upper School Program they continue many of the activities with supports found in the Elementary Program and begin to focus on skills and abilities needed to transition to a post-21 setting. Areas of instruction continue to include Vocational, Recreation/Leisure, Activities of Daily Living, Functional Applied Academics and Community Based Instruction with a more mature focus. Vocational tasks may include taking orders, making deliveries, shredding obsolete documents or completing work simulations. During Rec/Leisure periods, adapted art materials or a variety of access methods are used for students to participate in individual or group board or physical games, music, art activities and Smartboard activities. Academic instruction focuses on news, current events and using age respectful materials with modified access to the general education curriculum and Common Core Standards being provided through the use of modified district approved curriculum. Instruction, materials and activities are adapted to meet each student’s unique individual needs. Throughout the day students practice Daily Living Skills in activities such as eating/drinking, cooking laundry and self-care routines. Community Based Instruction is designed for students to have the opportunity to practice skills in a variety of settings. Teachers, therapists and specialists collaborate to ensure skills are acquired, practiced and generalized across the school environment, home and community. Integration and access to same age, typically developing peers as role models and communication and activity partners continues to be an important aspect of programming as student mature. Progressing through the Upper School, students become increasingly prepared for life beyond school.

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The focus is on learning critical skills of communication, mobility, and access as well as endurance and independence