right_rail_room_6-168x250The John G. Leach Elementary Program provides students with significant special needs instruction in Activities of Daily Living, Recreation/Leisure, Functional Academics and Pre-Vocational Skills. The focus is on learning critical skills of communication, mobility, and access as well as endurance and independence. Community Based Instruction is provided in order for students to practice and generalize learned skills. Each classroom provides students with daily routines to practice skills, identified in their Individual Education Plans, using meaningful and motivating activities. Classrooms utilize a multidisciplinary team approach including, teachers, paraprofessionals, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Physical Therapists, Specialists and Nurses to support students in their educational programs. Students are provided access to general education curriculum based on the grade band extensions of the common core standards. We utilize district approved curriculum providing adapted grade level literacy, math, science and social studies materials. Direct instruction and modified activities are provided to address specific student needs.

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