As a school community, we continue to strive to provide the most effective educational program for all of the students at Leach based on their unique levels of need and their current levels of performance.  The Leach School Curriculum Framework guides the planning, instruction, and delivery of services to address each student’s needs.  It provides the means by which we work collaboratively to modify or adapt the general education curriculum content, activities, and materials to meet the needs of this diverse group of learners.  Learning outcomes and instruction, with modifications and supports, are identified based on family centered priorities, evidence based practice, Delaware Content Standards, and valued life outcomes that are individually determined.  Assessment, collection, and analysis of data, monitoring and evaluating student progress are all integral components to the curriculum at Leach.  Evaluation is an ongoing process and includes reflection on all aspects of the learning experience and making changes as necessary throughout the teaching/learning process.  Special education instruction and related services are aligned with the Delaware Content Standards and Grade Band Extensions with measurable outcomes using a variety of materials approved by the Colonial School District.