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801 Cox Neck Road
New Castle, DE 19720

Phone: (302) 832-6280
Fax: (302) 834-6729

Main Office Staff

Andrew Moffett, Principal
Kristen Taggart, Assistant Principal
Nicholas Wolfe, Assistant Principal

Gunning Bedford

Team 6A

Lewis Lawton
6A Science

Joann Miller
6A English Language Arts

Sandra Morelli
6A Team Leader
Social Studies

Hope Quinn
6A Math

Team 6B

Amy Alpen
6B Math

Elizabeth DeMatteis
6B English Language Arts & Social Studies

Shannon Dennis
6B English Language Arts

Judy Holloway
6B Team Leader
Math & Science

Lauren McCool
6B Social Studies

Team 6C

Debbie Cylc
6C Team Leader

Robert Grant
6C Science

Theresa Lingenfelter
6C English Language Arts

Michele McKercher
6C Social Studies

Team 7A

Dee Darrisaw

Kathleen Gaden
7A Math & Science

Alex Hudes
7A Team Leader
Social Studies

James McCabe
7A Science

Nicole Stewart
7A English Language Arts & Social Studies

Team 7B

Arie Dinkeloo
7B Team Leader
Social Studies

Lorianne Kalb
7B Math

Erin Motley
7B Science

Shaina Woo
7B English Language Arts

Team 7C

Ginnie Bennett
7C Science

Katelyn Brown
7C Team Leader
Social Studies

Danielle Davis
7C Team Leader

Chalisa Smith
7C English Language Arts

Team 8A

Joi Campbell
8A Math and Science

Jennifer Goldsborough
8A English Language Arts & Social Studies

Courtney Keister
8A Team Leader

Jackie Murphy
8A English Language Arts & Social Studies

Cindy Temple
8A Team Leader

Team 8B

Artemis Kalogiros
8B English Language Arts

Drew Keohane
8B Social Studies

Shirin Rahmani
8B Science

Kenya Wilkinson
8B Team Leader

Team 8C

Robert Adams
8C Team Leader
English Language Arts

Chris Jones
8C Social Studies

Ryan Sassaman
8C Math

Barry Seymour
8C Science


Scott Eger
Grades 6-8

Evelyn Butler
Grades 6-8

Mary Jo O’Brien
Grades 6-8

Tonya Saunders
Grades 6-8

Exploratory Staff

Shannon Audet
Visual Arts

Michael Brelick
Music Appreciation/Band

Charles “Bud” Clark
Ed. Tech/Digital Media

Nicole Dinkins

Kim Ferraro

Teresa Martin
Physical Education

Kevin McDermott
Physical Education

Peggy Muns
Business Education

Curtis Pace
Health and Physical Education

Betsy Vautier
Health & Athletic Director

Support Staff

Kristen Barnello
Assistant Principal
Grade 6

Lyz Bowman

Ellen Citino
Literacy Coach

Chales “Bud” Clark
Library Media Specialist

Priscilla Danielson
Speech Therapist

Michelle Francia

Lisa Jefferson
Main Office Secretary

Raquel Johnson

Erik Jones
Student Advisor
7th Grade

Jeanne Keister
South Staff Center (grade 6)

Ruth-Ann Mansure
Guidance Counselor
Grade 6

Beth McClurg
Math Interventionist

Drew Moffett

Bryn Ponti

Alicia Postlewait
Occupational Therapist

Pam Russo
Educational Diagnostician

Allison Sheppard
Guidance Counselor
Grade 8

Dale Smith
Guidance Counselor
Grade 7

Erric Stewart
In-School Suspension Coordinator

Olivia Taylor
School Nurse

Lisa Thompson
Cafeteria Manager

Cecilia Till
School Psychologist

Curt Turner
Chief Maintenance

Tammy Wilson
North Staff Center (8th Grade)

Nick Wolfe
Assistant Principal
Grade 8