Middle School Redesign

In an on-going effort to prepare students for the challenges of high school and beyond, the Colonial School District is developing a plan to redesign our three existing middle schools. The redesign will  increase student engagement by providing a hands-on, relevant, and inquiry-based approach to learning.  Theme schools cultivate student interests and talents while building a sense of community and school spirit. The middle  school redesign furthers the district’s mission to prepare every student to be college and career ready.

The middle school redesign plan will:
• Expand upon William Penn’s 19 college and career degree programs.
•  Foster unique themes at each middle school.
• Focus on the robust expectations of the Common Core State Standards, 21st-century learning and technology innovation.
• Include educators, students, parents and community stakeholders in the planning process.

Over the next 3-5 years,Gunning Bedford will be redesigned around the following themes:

Graphic Design & Digital Media

Information Technology

Gaming & Coding

Visual & Performing Arts

Want to Get Involved?

Call (302) 323-2700
email msredesign@colonial.k12.de.us
to find information on how to contribute, when public meetings are to be held and updates on programming.