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Contact Information
314 E. Basin Road, New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 323-2760
Fax: (302) 323-2763
Holly Sage, Principal
Michelle Jones, Assistant Principal
Nicholas Wolfe, Assistant Principal

George Read

6th Grade

Administrative Staff

Mrs. Sage
Principal, Main Office

Mr. Folke
Student Advisor, Main Office

Mrs. Carlson
6th Grade Counselor, South Staff Center

Ms. Johnson
School Secretary, Main Office

6th Grade Teachers

Ms. Wiley
ELA, Room W6

Ms. Wagner
ELA, Room W7

Mr. Mulligan
ELA, Room W1

Ms. Erica Sharp
Math, Room W3

Dr. Young
Math, Room W2

Ms. Stiles
Math, Room W5


Mr. Kimball
Science, Room W11

Mr. Ferguson
Science, Room W12

Ms. McAveney
Social Studies, Room W4

Ms. Edmond
Social Studies, Room W10


7th Grade

Administrative Staff

Mr. Wolfe
Assistant Principal, North Staff Center

Ms. Kimber-dany Carlson
7th Grade Counselor, last names A – L, South Staff Center

Mr. Nicholas Fortuna
7th Grade Counselor, last names M – Z, Central Office

Ms. Ebony Alexander
School Secretary, Central Office

7th Grade Teachers

Ms. K. Alexander
ELA, Room E5

Ms. Nickle
ELA, Room E9

Mr. Mulligan
ELA, Room W1

Ms. Billings
Math, Room E6

Ms. Redrow
Math, Room E7

Ms. Elise Sharp
Math, Room C5

Dr. Young
Math, Room W2

Ms. Noggle
ELA, Room C12

Mr. Parrett
Science, Room E1

Ms. Gunn
Science, Room E3

Ms. Pyle
Social Studies, Room E8

Mr. Ramer
Social Studies, Room E10


8th Grade

Administrative Staff

Mrs. Jones
Vice Principal, Central Office

Mr. Fortuna
8th Grade Counselor, Central Office

Ms. Ebony Alexander
School Secretary, Central Office

8th Grade Teachers

Ms. Hastings
ELA, Room C1

Ms. Burg
ELA, Room C6

Ms. Noggle
ELA, Room C12

Ms. Hankerson
Math, Room C3

Mr. Jackson
Math, Room C7

Ms. Elise Sharp
Math, Room C5

Mr. Butterfield
Science, Room C2

Ms. Rosen
Science, Room C4

Ms. Maczynski
Social Studies, Room C8

Mr. Sawdey
Social Studies, Room C10

Exploratory Classes & Academic Services

Mr. Henry
Health, Room H1

Ms. Davis
Health, Room A2
Physical Education, Gym

Ms. Welsh
Health, Room A2
Physical Education, Gym

Mr. Pace
Physical Education, Gym

Ms. Madorma
Agriculture, Room A1

Ms. Ward
Culinary, Room S2

Ms. Cento
Chorus and Band, Room H2

Ms. Deitrich
Technology, Room S3

Ms. Chase
Jobs for DE Graduates, Room N8

Ms. Sumner
Literacy Coach, Room W9

Mr. Rogers
Math Coach, Room W9

Ms. MacKerchar
School Psychologist

Ms. Hopkins
Occupational Therapist

Ms. Stockton
Behavioral Health Specialist

Ms. Whitney
ELL, Room E4

Ms. Malloy
In-School Suspension, Room N7

Ms. Syska

Ms. McLaughlin
Speech Therapy, Room N6

Ms. Degler
Teacher for the Visually Impaired, South Staff Center

Ms. Adams

Ms. Segeda
Special Education Coordinator

Ms. Coulby
Special Education Coordinator


Integration & Paraprofessionals

Integration A

Ms. Martin
Room M2

Ms. Massado
Room M2

Ms. Giannetti
Room M3

Ms. Bunkley
Room M3

Ms. Velazquez
Room M3

Ms. Vassallo
Room M6

Ms. Bandanza
Room M6

Ms. Donato
Room M6

Ms. Nelson
Room N2

Ms. Aument
Room N2


Integration B

Ms. Kostes
Room M5

Ms. Lenoir
Room M5

Ms. Alles
Room M4

Mr. Warren
Room M4

Ms. Piecuch
Room N5

Ms. Cecelia
Room N5

Ms. Dooley
Room N1

Ms. Mays
Room N1


Ms. McDuffy
ELA, Room N12

Ms. Burrus
Math, Room N12