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Enrollment & Registration

Student Enrollment in the Colonial School District

We are excited that you have chosen the Colonial School District for your child’s educational experience. The Colonial School District has a long standing tradition of serving the community, providing students with the knowledge and skills for success beyond formal schooling as well as instilling the positive characteristics and traits of productive citizens.

The enrollment process in our schools is designed to ensure your child’s appropriate placement and smooth transition from your previous school district. Starting in a new school district can be an exciting time for students; at the same time, the enrollment process can be frustrating and overwhelming. Our enrollment process is designed to minimize this frustration and reduce the anxiety of learning about a new school. Our enrollment process consists of 3 steps: Registration, Welcome to Colonial, and School Life

Step 1: Registration
Complete the requisite legal paperwork for student enrollment in public schools per Delaware Code. This process must be completed prior to a student being considered for enrollment and is the most important step in the process.

  1. Parent/Guardian completes the Student Data Card (download the Student Data Card here)
  2. Provide Required Documentation along with completed student data card.
  3. The school office staff will verify the student’s documentation.
  4. The office staff will input the student data into Eschool (District’s Data Management System)
  5. If applicable, you will meet with staff.

Step 2: Welcome to the Colonial School District
Complete the appropriate paperwork as provided by your child’s school and review guidelines for successful transition to the Colonial School District.

  1. Request for Records
  2. Code of Conduct Review/Receipt
  3. Lunch Application
  4. Transportation/Bus Stop
  5. Technology Overview: Home Access, Acceptable Use
  6. Migrant Worker Letter 7- McKinney Vento referral to counselor if applicable

Step 3: School Life
Once Step 2 has been completed, your school will contact you with a welcome packet containing things like:

  1. Arrival and Dismissal Procedure
  2. Team and Grade Level Breakdown
  3. Overview of Pertinent Office Staff Names, Numbers and Locations

District Feeder Patterns

Every residential address has a School Feeder Pattern, which indicates the school the children living in that household will attend.  View maps of the district feeder patterns: (zoom to see detail)

Elementary (Kindergarten – Grade 5)
Middle (Grades 6-8)
High (Grades 9-12)

Or search a database using your address: Student Assignment Database

For best results using the database:
  • Key in only the name of the street (For instance, type in “Maple” instead of “Maple Street” or “Maple Avenue.”)
  • It is only necessary to fill in “House Number, “Street,” and “Zip.” You do not need to fill in the “Direction” or “Development” fields.
  • If your address is an apartment complex, give the street number and street name listed for the entire complex.

For more information, call (302) 323-2873.


All Kindergarten classes in the Colonial School District are full day.  You can register at any elementary school in the Colonial School District during school hours. Children who will be five years old on or before August 31 of the current year, are eligible to attend kindergarten.  To register a child, parents must bring the child’s original birth certificate, immunization record (including proof of Hepatitis-B immunization and lead screening), a physical or one scheduled, and at least one proof of residence (current gas, water or electric bill, home lease or title).

Kindergarten Registration Brochure (pdf)
Folleto en Espanol: Programa de Kindergarten de tiempo completo (pdf)

Carrie Downie: (302) 323-2926
Castle Hills: (302) 323-2915
Colwyck: (302) 429-4085
Eisenberg: (302) 429-4074
Pleasantville: (302) 323-2935
Southern: (302) 832-6300
Wilmington Manor:(302) 323-2901
Kathleen H Wilbur: (302) 832-6330

For information on Early Admission, please call Schools Division at (302) 323-2716

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