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WPHS is one of the few high schools in Delaware to offer the ProStart curriculum to students. Students have the ability to apply for the ServSafe certification. In addition, we are a part of the Modernist Cuisine collection that teach students the science of cooking using a wide array of cutting-edge equipment such as sous vide thermal circulators, anti‐griddles, vacuum sealers, and other products used for molecular gastronomy.

Students design and focus on…

• Seasonal Penn Bistro Breakfast, Lunch, and Take-out menus
• Molecular Gastronomy innovations
• Creating recipes with our Penn Farm Ingredients
• Producing recipes for the members of the Penn Farms CSA program
• Catering menus for all events (meetings, receptions, cocktails, weddings, etc.)
• Designing year-long restaurant menus
• Ovo-lacto, vegetarian, and gluten-free menu items available all year

Pro Start

For a more in-depth look at the ProStart curriculum, go tohttp://www.nraef.org/ProStart.


To learn more about our ServSafe certification, go to http://www.servsafe.com/.

Penn Bistro’s Partnership with Delaware Business Solutions

Penn Bistro has partnered with Delaware Business Solutions to teach students about the Hospitality business. See more here: