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Remote Learning

End of Year Dates

Internet Access & Resources

WeLe@rn: Remote Learning

Welcome Back!

We know remote teaching and learning at home with devices can be a challenge, but we have taken steps to make it easier for adults to help students.

WE have been working hard to ensure ACCESS and OPPORTUNITY for all of our students through our device deployment. Over 7,000 students have received devices at this point and we have successfully shifted into LEADERSHIP and LEARNING, our remote learning environment in Colonial.

Parent Supports

To support students and families in remote learning, we have put together two resources for parents:

  • CSD Remote Learning Support page
    This page is a resource hub for parents during this time of remote learning in Colonial. Please bookmark and check this page often as we will be updating the information regularly.
  • Accessing Remote Learning in Colonial School District
    Provides an overview for parents to assist students with learning at home.

Additionally, in the next week, you will receive updates on parent learning opportunities to support your child in remote learning. Those topics will include:

We will add to this list as we continue to implement remote learning in Colonial.

Resources and Links


Here you will find outlines of schedules for each of our grade configurations which allows our teachers to create a schedule that works best for them and their students. Check with your child’s teacher for the most up to date schedule for your child.

Important Topics and Updates



Zoom is a virtual meeting platform that our teachers will be using on a regular basis to connect with students. As a reminder, participants do not have to share their screen.

If you do not wish for your child to participate via Zoom, contact your child’s teacher.

Marking Periods

Click here for information 


At this point in time, we are not applying grades to any of the assignments submitted, but are providing feedback to improve learning
(The only exception is for WPHS Dual Enrollment and AP Courses).

School Packet/Handout Resources

These voluntary learning opportunities below come with NO EXPECTATIONS for completion or grading. It is an opportunity to engage students while they are out and to provide some normalcy during the extended school closing period.

Learning Resources




  • Dreambox ( 30 mins a day/approximately 5 lessons a week) (login through clever)
  • ST Math – 30 mins a day (login through clever)
  • Imagine Math 30 min a day/5 lessons per week (login through clever)
  • Investigations games online
  • Bedtime Math App (free)
  • Do a “Which One Doesn’t Belong?” each day (don’t need to copy, just share the link)
  • Same but Different Math
  • Play with the Math Tools from Pearson Realize and/or Math Learning Center
  • Do “Would You Rather..?” a few times per week
  • Games & resources for compiled by Lesley University (in English & Spanish)
  • Math Facebook group for parents (Math is Figureoutable)
  • Math as a fun part of your daily family routine
  • Virtual Field Trips (National Parks, museums, etc)