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George Read middle school mathematics department is committed to supporting a learning environment designed to cultivate proficient and innovative leaders and learners prepared for a global society in the 21stcentury by experiencing rigorous, real-world problem-solving opportunities.


Connected Mathematics 3, or CMP3, is an inquiry-based mathematics program for Grades 6-8. It helps students actively focus on math problem solving, reasoning and proof, communication, representation, and connections. These math practices require students to look deeper and connect problem solving to practical situations. Funded in part by the National Science Foundation, and developed through Michigan State University, CMP3 provides a powerful inquiry model for learning mathematics. Connect mathematical ideas to students’ everyday world”


Continuous Learning and Intervention   

That age-old parent question “How can I support my child’s learning at home?” can now be answered!
Parents and students can share in the learning experience of CompassLearning Odyssey.
CompassLearning Odyssey, the Internet-based math program, is used to create learning paths as determined by your child’s DCAS scores.  This program is accessible from home to help support classroom instruction and also used as an intervention tool to help students reach their full potential in mathematics.

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