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Update 10/15/2020
Friday “We Got This” Webinar for all staff
We are hosting another district webinar this Friday to check-in and provide all staff with a brief update of our Safe Return To School plans. We plan to be brief and hope that you’re able to attend using this Zoom link

Important links to monitor state progress regarding COVID
The links below can give you helpful information regarding our state’s progress in the fight against COVID.
DE DOE COVID19 Resources

Board Meeting Update
At their Tuesday meeting, the Colonial School Board approved an addendum to Board Policy #201 – Student Attendance. This policy addendum approval was necessary for the District to comply with 25th Modification of the Emergency Order that addressed student attendance during the pandemic. This addendum supports the previously established attendance expectations and procedures in the Virtual Academy. There is no change in our current practice.

This information along with the Colonial’s student attendance support plan will be shared with parents in this week’s Colonial Clipping and posted on the District’s Website (Click here).  

Health and Safety Protocols-Updates
Just a quick reminder that Colonial’s Health and Safety Protocols can be accessed by clicking on the link.  The following updates were made to the Health and Safety Protocols this week:

As staff return to the buildings for face to face instruction, school teams will provide professional development on the implementation of these protocols within building-specific practices.  

Student/Family Protocols
To help students and families prepare for a return to face-to-face learning, Colonial School District has created a set of Student/Family Protocols that can be located on the Face to Face Learning portion of the district website.  The information on this site has been turned into a paper booklet and electronic presentation for family use.  Both formats will ask families to acknowledge their receipt of these protocols.  Parents will receive information on the Student/Family Protocols in this weeks 

Building Hours for staff to access classrooms:
As we prepare to return to face to face teaching, we have reworked our building hours to allow you to prepare your classrooms.  Key cards will be reactivated; if you find that your card is not working, please submit a tech ticket.

William Penn High School/ The Wallin School: 6am to 6pm
All Middle Schools: 7am to 6pm
Leach/Colwyck/All Elementary schools: 7am to 6pm

As a reminder- Our new buildings hours are:


Bus Drop-Off

Bus Pick-Up

Student Hours

Teacher/Para  Work Hours 

Colwyck Pre-K

9:30 AM

3:30 PM

9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

8:30 AM to 4:00 PM


8:45 AM

3:40 PM

8:55 AM to 3:25 PM

8:35 AM to 4:05 PM


7:55 AM

2:50 PM

8:05 AM to 2:40 PM

7:45 AM to 3:15 PM


7:05 AM

2:00 PM

7:15 AM to 1:50 PM

7:00 AM to 2:30 PM


8:45 AM

3:40 PM

8:55 AM to3:25 PM

8:15 AM to 3:45 PM

Watch our Teacher of the Year celebration tonight!
See all of our building representatives and hear from them- 7:00 PM tonight!
Colonial Teacher of the Year Celebration

Previous Updates


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Employee Resources

Free Headspace Meditation App available for all Colonial Employees

All employees of Delaware school districts and charter schools are invited to sign up for a free, one-year subscription to the Headspace Meditation App. This app provides participants with simple ways to achieve mindfulness throughout the day. The practice of meditation has been shown to reduce stress, foster compassion and increase overall happiness. To get started, register online with a district or charter school email address. Personal email addresses will not be accepted. (DDOE contact: Teri Lawler)


Free Individual Counseling available for all Colonial Employees 

The Center For Child Development is making their services available to Colonial employees who are interested in participating in confidential, 1:1 telehealth counseling with a licensed therapist during these uncertain times.  Colonial employees do NOT need to go through the district’s EAP program to access this service.  The Center for Child Development is owned and operated by William Penn graduate Lisa Savage and provides services in 8 Colonial schools as well as many schools across the State of Delaware.  In addition to working with children, select CCD therapists also work with adults and specialize in evidence-based practices designed to support our ability to manage stress and cope with difficult circumstances.  All services are strictly confidential.  To learn more about The Center For Child Development and/or to request an appointment, visit