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The Power of We

The Power of We

Learn more about how The Power of We is a vital part of Colonial School District

Jeff Gibeault

ext. 6001



 Rich Bryson, Assistant Principal

G/Y Staff Center
ext. 6014


Lindsay DiEmidio, Assistant Principal
B/O Staff Center
ext. 6033


Stephanie Callaway, Student Advisor
B/O Staff Center


Address: 795 Cox Neck Rd, New Castle, DE 19720

Phone: (302) 832-6300


Southern Elementary School is a state-of-the-art facility that opened in August of 2001. We serve approximately 900 students in Kindergarten through fifth grade. Our school is located outside of three of New Castle County’s oldest cities, New Castle, St. Georges and Delaware City. Our students feed from the New Castle, Bear, Delaware City, St. Georges, and Middletown neighborhoods.

Southern Elementary School’s excellent and dedicated staff provides a developmentally appropriate education for each of its students. Our focus is on improving the academic achievement of all students while nurturing their social and emotional development. The academic program at Southern Elementary School provides students with a solid foundation in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. The staff has had extensive training in new methods and strategies that support the district’s curricula and the state’s performance standards. They are a group of advanced degrees. Combining all of the ongoing training, schooling and experience, this staff brings the best instructional methods and strategies to our students. The Colonial School District community has outlined its vision for our schools: Students shall be empowered to meet the choices and challenges of the 21st century. At Southern Elementary, we will fulfill this mission by focusing on the development of a strong foundation of skills and attitudes that will give our children the start they need for future learning in school and lifelong learning as they take their places in broad and diverse communities.

Southern Shark Mission

 A Southern Shark:

  • Studies Hard to Learn and Improve Academically
  • Has Self-Control
  • Is Always Safe
  • Is Respectful
  • Kind
  • And Shows Responsibility

Teachers and Staff


Adam Ferguson – G5
ext. 3005

Maria Vaillancourt – G8

Kathy Gillespie 
– Special Education
ext. 3008

Brandi Bowers – G9
ext. 3009


First Grade

Christine Minker – G10
ext. 3010

Jennifer Hurley – G11
ext. 3011

Cindy Price – G12
ext. 3012

Abby Potts – G14
Julianne Jackson – Special Education
 ext. 3014

Second Grade

Molly Burgess – B7
ext. 1007

Marlowe Woodfin – B9
ext. 1009

Catherine Ahlrich – B11 

Abby Schneider – B12
ext. 1012

Third Grade

Krystal Rembert – B4
ext. 1004

Rebecca Grillo – B5
ext. 1005

Jessica Hassman – B6
ext. 1006

Lindsay Lucas – B8
ext. 1008

Maureen Nichols – B10
ext. 1010

Samantha Dent – O4

Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade

Pam Bingham – O5

Roxie Baynard – O4

Jessica Reed – O7

Bridget Shimp – O8

Leigh Jones – B8

Emily Schussler – O6


coming soon

Integration A


Whitney Barrera – G3
ext. 3003

ext. 2008

Theresa Monaco – Y12
ext. 2012

Karen Linden – Y13
ext. 2013

Jennifer Vikari – Y14
ext. 2014

Technology Education

Jennifer Haugh (Wednesdays & Fridays)
ext. 6201

Physical Education

Martin Jordan
ext. 6020

James Bratten
ext. 6036

Robert Poore (Thursdays & Fridays)
ext. 6020

Music & Art

Mary Ellen Good
ext. 6038

Megan DeSousa
ext. 6040


Susan Stiles
ext. 6041

Jennifer Petrucci (Mondays & Tuesdays)


Lisa Gale – G/Y Staff Center
ext. 6013

Debi Kelly – B/O Staff Center
ext. 6028


Kathryn Cooley
ext. 6018

Abigail Cash
ext. 6018

Richard Galeas
ext. 6030

Lindsay Hammond
ext. 6018

Special Education Coordinators

Janet Halliday
ext. 6017

Laura DiFrancesco
ext. 6034

Speech Therapists

Melissa Eger
ext. 6008

Grady Redmond
ext. 6006

Lauren Fox
ext. 6007

Cara Rose
ext. 6005

Physical Therapist

Kristin Capone
ext. 6055

Literacy Specialists

Gayle Cooksey – G4
ext. 3004

Diane Tilley – G4
ext. 3004

Janet Salacki – G4
RAPS Reading Teacher
ext. 3004

Michele Waite – O4

Family Crisis Therapist

Terrance Delane
ext. 6008

ELL (English Language Learners)

Brittany Zezima  (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
ext. 6201

Math Coach

Hyacinth Dunlap – O4
ext. 4004


Lindsay Haugh, Secretary
Main Office
ext. 6000

Kimberly Briscoe, Secretary
G/Y Staff Center
ext. 6015

Carmen Word, Secretary
B/O Staff Center
ext. 6032



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