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Remote Food Program

Daily Meal Delivery Service During Remote Learning!

Nutrition Services is going back on the road delivering breakfast and lunch to all Colonial students beginning Tuesday, September 8!

Partnering with our Transportation department, 40 buses will be delivering meals every day, Monday through Friday, to our students. Students will be receiving a complete lunch for the day, and breakfast for the next morning that have been prepared with love. There is NO COST to any Colonial family for student meals!

Our NEW nutritious and delicious lunch menu will be delivering student favorites such as HOT, ready to eat, homemade beefaroni, chicken sandwiches, cheeseburgers, chicken tenders/nuggets, macaroni and cheese, hot or fresh vegetables, savory deli sandwiches, fresh fruit/fruit cups, and low fat milk.

Breakfast will be ready to heat and eat student favorites such as pigglestix and pancakes, whole grain muffins and reduced sugar cereal varieties, fresh fruit/100% juices and low fat milk. (please wash the whole fresh fruit at home before eating). 

Good nutrition is essential to optimal learning! Be sure to encourage your student to grab a meal from the bus every day! 

If you have questions about school lunches please contact the following with your questions 

Regarding Transportation and stops:  email transportation here

Regarding Meal Services:    email nutrition services here

Meals prepared with Love from Colonial Nutrition Services.  Any questions, call 323-2743


Below are some simple food safety guidelines for your meals.

  • Wash your hands before eating this meal or handling the food.
  • Meals should be prepared with adult supervision.  DO NOT HEAT FOODS IN STYROFOAM BOWL
  • Cold meals should be eaten immediately or refrigerated within 2 hours of receiving the meal. Foods like dairy (milk, cheese, etc.) and meats should be quickly refrigerated at a temperature of 41° F or lower.
  • Hot meals should be eaten immediately or refrigerated within 2 hours of receiving the meal. Any hot foods should be held at a minimum temperature of 135°F. 
  • Hot foods should be reheated thoroughly.
  • Any leftovers from this meal should be thrown out after 5 days of receiving it! Throw out any meal left out for 4 hours or longer at room temperature.
  • Any FROZEN items should be quickly placed into a freezer within 30 mins of receiving the food. 
  • Please wash any whole fruit prior to eating.
  • Enjoy!!