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In light of the ruling that was issued Wednesday in the Red Clay referendum lawsuit, Colonial School District is taking steps to ensure that we are adhering to the guidance and parameters contained within the ruling. Up until now, we have conducted our referendum campaign in a manner consistent with what every school district in the State has done for the past 10 to 15 years. The ruling yesterday indicates district communication that is focused heavily on parents is not consistent with running a ‘free and equal’ election. All Colonial administrators will cease from coordinating outreach efforts that target our parents.
Prior to the ruling, Colonial had already taken many steps to publicize the referendum widely; such as issuing press releases that have resulted in newspaper articles, appearing on local cable television shows, seeking assistance from local elected officials to publicize the vote and attending community and civic association meetings. All outreach efforts coming from the district from this point forward will be aimed at sharing the message to the entire Colonial community.
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