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If your assessed increase comes up as $0 or you have questions about your increase please contact us here

A rate increase of 39.4 ¢ per $100 assessed property value

This rate increase is based on assessed property value, not market value. There are links below to help you determine the assessed value of your home, which is based on the 1983 assessment.

Funds from this referendum will support:
Secured entrances in all schools. The project is to be phased in over a three-year period.

Expanded Preschool
Additional access for 3 & 4-year old students to experience the high quality programming that will prepare them for kindergarten.  The plan will also increase the number of highly trained preschool staff. The district’s existing program, which accepts Delaware’s POC (Purchase of Care), currently has a waiting list.

Additional student devices, upgrading present system and increasing support staff.

Middle School Redesign Expansion & Enhancement
This plan enhances recently implemented programs in the district’s three themed middle schools. The themes include- McCullough (science, technology, engineering, art & math), George Read (agriculture, marketing, science, culinary & accounting), Gunning Bedford (graphic design, information technology, gaming & coding, digital media, visual & performing arts).

Elementary Wellness
The plan will provide additional social and emotional supports to the district’s elementary schools.  Colonial is the first district in the state to offer a school-based elementary wellness center offering immunizations, physicals, social & emotional counseling, basic emergency triage and other services not offered by a traditional school nurse. Future plans include expansion to more elementary schools in the district.

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