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sidebarimage-3Curricula are aligned with state standards and are K-12 comprehensive to assure continuity of instruction. Curricular areas are continuously reviewed following a research model. We are working to ensure that instruction will be aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Academic improvement in Mathematics has been measured in Colonial using new and rigorous state tests. Comparing 3rd and 5th grade scores and 8th and 10th grade scores of the same students on statewide tests, Colonial students improved more than any other students in New Castle County public schools.

Consistent with the importance of lifelong learning for our students, a strong focus exists to provide support for the continuous growth and development of employees. The school district has cultivated collaborative partnerships with the National Science Foundation, the University of Delaware, Wilmington University, Harvard University, Delaware State University and other universities and colleges in Delaware and neighboring states to further this effort.

Every core content classroom in the district is equipped with computers and the latest in SmartBoard technology.  In addition, many of our classrooms are equipped with amplification systems which enhance the acoustics and assist students in gaining a clear understanding of what is being communicated.

We are in the third year of transitioning to a new instructional improvement system, Learning Focused Solutions.  Using this approach to lesson planning and the use of teaching strategies, our students and teachers are more focused on clear learning expectations aligned to standards.

Students at William Penn High School routinely participate and place in regional science fair events.

A wide variety of technology programs provide additional opportunities for students to practice skills and apply them to their learning.

Our elementary and middle schools provide time each summer when our schools are open for students and families to take advantage of libraries, technology and other learning opportunities.

A focused program at William Penn and New Castle Schools allows high school students who have fallen behind in credits, to “catch up” to peers and graduate with their class.

The entire staff of the Colonial School District is more data-driven as the result of our work with the Data Service Center and through greater emphasis on determining the needs of our students.

Colonial is reaping the benefits of our comprehensive full day kindergarten program and has full time guidance counselors in every district school

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